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Welcome To Colfax Gun Club

Colfax, Iowa

*** Attention ***

******* Club Rules ! ******* are Not allowed to shoot any metal targets with rifles

2. you are Not allowed to shoot any fixtures

3. you may bring only two guest at a time

4. Remove your trash and targets from range when done

5. Pick up your used shotgun shells after done. Do not leave on grass

We have the right to Eject you from the club if you are not a good steward of our property!

(( Attention !!))

((( Please Report Anyone Not following Rules or damaging Club Property !! ))))

(( We are not accepting New members at this time ))

Also Anyone interested in Winter Indoor Bullseye League for fall and winter of 2015 - 2016 Contact Les Hostetter in September

The public can shoot in our matches!

Our range is closed to the public except on match days!

On match days the range is closed except for match shooting!

We are a Iowa club with our own Shooting range from 25 to 200 yards with 4 shooting pads with open covers, and a pistol range.

We also have shooting matches to compete in.

Types of matches we put on:

1. The .22 Fun Shoot is a 22 rimfire benchrest match fired at 50 yards. The targets are paper varmint  silhouette / Dot match.

2.  The benchrest high-power match is a 200 yard benchrest paper varmint silhouette match. The maximum caliber is .30.

3. The urban Sniper Challenge is 3 events.

       The sniper challenge is a course the shooter must navigate while engaging targets from 50 to 200 yards, one shot per target hit or miss. The designated marksman shoot is the same course ran with a pistol added and all targets must be hit before moving to the next. A carbine can be used.

       The chalk challenge is hitting a piece of chalk at 200 yards from the prone position. It is $5.00 a shot to qualify, then sudden death        elimination. The winner gets $3.00 out of every $5.00 put in the pot.

4. The Combat Match is timed course shot with a centerfire handgun. The yardage is from 15 to 25 yards.  The shooter will need a holster, 3 magazines and about 100 rounds of ammo. Shooters will engage steel  and paper targets. The shooters are scored for targets hit and deductions are made for missed targets. The total score is divided by the shooters time.

5. The F class is a prone benchrest shooting at 100 & 200 yards, 30 shots total with unlimited sighters. F T/R is shot with 223 or 308 only with a bipod and rear bag. Unlimited is any caliber with front and rear rest.

At This time we are not accepting New members

For membership information please call:    Less...(515-674-3218)

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